Making an Leaning Desk

Oct 16th

Leaning desk –  Cut a piece of plywood 3/4 7 3/4 to 29 inches diagonally in half with a saw, to have two triangular pieces of wood at an angle of 90 degrees from 7 3/4-inch and sides of 29 inches, a 30-inch hypotenuse and the remaining degrees of angles 15 and 75. Lay a sheet of plywood flat 7 3/4 by 35 inches above the work surface. About two triangles at each end, with the sides 7 3/4 of the triangles adjacent to the sides 7 3/4 inch flat piece of wood.

White Leaning Desk
White Leaning Desk

Glue the triangles in place, then fix with four screws 1 1/4-inch spaced evenly across the edge 7 3/4 inch triangles at the end of 7 3/4 inch flat screen plywood. The flat-panel brackets attached triangle and two wooden boards 2 2 of 35 inches and a piece of plywood to 30 by 40 inches, which is the leaning desk. Let dry. Lay the panel with brackets attached triangle above the work surface and place the planks two 2 by 2 on the flat screen, flush with the top, one bottom edge. Glue in place.

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Leaning desk – DIY

Locate the position of the wall studs where you want to install the table and draw a level line including 40 inches long, to represent the position. The line should be about 28-30 inches from the ground, common leaning desk heights. Place the panel with triangles connected in a line on the wall, side 7 3/4 triangle flush against the wall and next to 29 horizontal and perpendicular to the wall inches. Hold the panel to the wall with two screws 4 inches, driven through the wooden planks two 2 by 2 at each point of the wall stud. Place the desktop panel on the side of 30-inch brackets of the triangle. Set screw 1 1/4 inch across the desk in the 30-inch side brackets of the triangle. Fill the head of all visible holes with wood putty, then touch up with paint to finish the tilt table.

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